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Moving on up! Empty Moving on up!

Post by Evil Jesus on Thu Sep 12, 2013 12:28 am

Each section of ranks require set goals and requirements to move on. Those are listed here.

Rank 0 is an Probation rank. EVERYONE starts off as this. Being active in the clan can move you up to rank 1.

To move to rank 12 you must give hell like a true hell member, be on the site at least once a week, and be active in the clan. All 3 need to be kept up on to stay above rank 11.

To move to rank 23 you must be on the site daily, be active in the clan, and have recruited at least 5 new members not including loved ones. Being on the site and active in the clan both need to be kept up as well as not abusing codes to stay above rank 22.

To move to rank 30 you must match or beat a clan member rank 31 or above in your own private lobby in a 1v1 without god mode or no clip, and at least one spectator to confirm the event. All codes must be spoken of before the match starts and no kill streaks can be used. You must have recruited at least 10 new members. The requirements for being above rank 22 still stand to stay above rank 29.

You have to make it to the rank before those listed here to move to before the test/check can be done. Those that fall out of these will be demoted.
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